“It’s amazing.

It’s damn near a work of art.

But, given we have an otherwise modest house, you might be wondering what statement we’re trying to make.

The kitchen table, you see, isn’t just a place to eat, it’s where the most vital nurishment is most often served in our house.

It’s where the connections happen.

It’s where the conversations start.. and sometimes go on for hours.

And it’s where new acquaintances turn into old friends and old friends share new experiences.

The kitchen table is the place where those we love and those we’ve just met feel seen and heard, where memories are made, where laughs are shared, and tears are shed.

And, sure, those things can happen at any table, at any time, and at any place.

But, we wanted to make a statement to any current or future friend that might spend their precious time at this table with us…

That the most important investment we can make, perhaps in any home, is in the conversations we have with the people who have chosen to sit across from us.

I hope you all experience the real value of this wonderful work of art.”

-Brian Fretwell